The SMART TR60 Multi-Tool is called ‘The Beast’ for a reason. It devours wood, metal, concrete and plastic faster than any other smart tool.

We have compiled 4 tips for you to get the most out of your SMART Multi-Tool when dismantling a range of materials.

4 Tips to get the most out of your SMART Multi-Tool

SMART Multi-Tool

1. Always select the right blade for the job

It’s tempting to use whichever blade you find first, or the one left on your multi-tool from the last job. However this is a sure way to damage blades and make life more difficult for yourself.

The multi-tool is incredibly versatile but requires a thought when selecting your accessories to get the most out of it.

You’ll want to consider the material you’re working with, the type of cut you’re making and then make the most appropriate blade selection.

With so many blades available in different widths, depths, teeth style and material, it’s worth doing a little research on the specification of your blades to make sure they’re the best choice for the task in hand.

Using the best blade every time makes the task easier to complete and extends blade life.

2. Use specialist blades to complete a wider range of tasks

It’s the wide variety of accessories available that make the multi-tool live up to its name. As it has become more popular, blades and accessories have advanced to the point there are dozens of specialist variations. Consequently, the tool is capable of countless tasks.

Anything from sanding to cutting tiles, metal, glass, concrete, grout removal or cutting insulation – there’s an accessory for it.

Explore all the options available to really get the most out of your tool. The SMART Trade range offers a huge variety of standard and specialist blades to help you do so.

3. Reduce the speed of the tool for more control and precision

Cranking up your multi-tool to the highest speed seems like a solid option to get the fastest cuts and finish tasks more quickly. While in some applications this is true, often it has an adverse effect.

A higher speed will quickly damage blades if used too aggressively, and nearly always results in reduced precision and control.

Try bringing the tools’ speed down a notch or two, to get the most control and precision and achieve a clean finish, and still have some life left in your blade.

4. Extend blade life by spreading load across full width of blade

When the cut takes longer than usual, heat build-up concentrated on a few teeth on your blade can cause rapid blade failure. When the friction and the heat is spread evenly across all the blades’ teeth, they’re much less likely to fail and therefore live on to take make more cuts.

Fortunately, there’s a simple technique to help spread the load across the full width of the blade.

All you need to do is move your multi-tool side to side by a few centimetres whilst completing the cut. That way you spread the load and your blade’s life is extended a great deal. This is an efficient and cost-effective method that takes minimal effort.


Be SMART and give it a go

To summarise, the SMART Multi-Tool is a fantastic product well worth your time. Its power and versatility in application is second to none – especially if you follow our tips!

Try it for yourself by visiting one of our showrooms or trade shows for a live demonstration. Alternatively, to buy it now please click here and order before 17.30 for next working day delivery.