Reisser wood screws

The Reisser cutter series is the next generation in performance wood screws that deliver exactly what tradesmen want from a wood screw – consistent quality.

What makes Reisser wood screws such a popular choice with tradesmen? We take a look at a few features that make Reisser cutter screws stand out from other standard screws available.

6 Reasons to choose Reisser wood screws

Reisser screw

1. Distinct ribs and tucks

The new cutter screws from Reisser now feature both ribs and tucks in the head of the screw. This makes it self countersinking into most timber and board material, without the need to counterbore.

The ability of wood screws to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole helps save time, especially on larger jobs.

2. Two patented slots

Two unique patented slots feature on Reisser wood screws, making them more effective than standard screws. The slots prevent splitting when screwing close to the edge.

3. Re-inforced collar

The re-inforced collar on the new cutter screw is stronger and prevents snapping. There is also more depth for a wide, deep pozi to be inserted, therefore reducing the risk of “cam out”.

4. Improved thread

There is now up to 40% less driving resistance thanks to the new lubricated, sharp and deep thread. Less torque is required, using up less power in cordless power tools.

5. Yellow coated

The distinctive yellow tropicalised coating of Reisser wood screws make them more resistant to the weather and to rust, compared to standard zinc plated screws.

6. Needle point

The needle point of the screw is sharp and at 25 degrees will give you an immediate start when screwing into the material.

Reisser range

Wide range of wood screws available

We have a great range of Reisser wood screws, both online and in selected showrooms, with screw sizes ranging from 3.5 x 16mm up to 6 x 180mm.

Choose from a box or a tub, depending on the quantity you need. Or if you need a selection, choose the assorted wood screw set.