Bosch tools and accessories

Bosch accessories boast a fantastic reputation with good reason. Drill bits, holesaws and jigsaw blades are just some of the Bosch components that provide guaranteed high quality.

Quantity is always assured, too, with a variety of subtle touches meaning that Bosch accessories have you covered when dealing with a whole range of materials. Subsequently, you have plenty of choice when performing drilling and cutting applications.

We take a look at the versatility provided by Bosch’s enviable range of drill bits and blades.

Bosch drill bits

Bosch accessories – drill bits

  • Multi-purpose – these are for materials such as metal and wood. Designed for extra-long life and with a centring tip for precise drilling
  • Flat – faster than standard spade bits without compromising on accuracy. Suitable for soft/hard wood and plasterboard
  • SDS – our SDS+ and SDS-Max bits are ideal when used on concrete and masonry materials. Features include fast drilling rate and improved power
  • Forstner – durability is the first thing that comes to mind with these specialist bits. Expect tear-free holes in wood

Above is just a selection of our Bosch drill bits and what they have to offer. Our website has just undergone an overhaul, with sub-categories now dedicated to specific types of drill bits. Finding the ideal one for your power tool has never been easier.

Bosch holesaws

Holesaws & jigsaw blades

Other notable accessories are worth checking out, too. We stock a vast selection of holesaws, including kits especially made for electricians and plumbers.

Some of these encompass the quick-release feature. Their unique power-change adapter allows for locking and unlocking the holesaw and pilot drills in one click.

Additionally, check out our Bosch jigsaw blades. For straight and curved cuts on various metals and plastics they are some of the finest on the market.

Bosch showroom

Dedicated showroom area

Such is the popularity of Bosch accessories, some of our showrooms have areas dedicated entirely to them. Visit one and you can be sure to receive expert advice from our staff on any and all Bosch-related questions.

Finally, take a look at our new and improved Bosch accessories section.