Measuring can be performed in many ways. For extremely accurate measuring and levelling, however, look no further than our new Bosch cross line lasers.

The GCL2-50 CG and GLL3-80 CG line lasers offer plenty of exciting features. We take a look at them in depth below, starting with applications you can use them for.

Bosch cross line laser

Bosch cross line lasers – applications

  • Suspended ceiling installation
  • Aligning dry walls using vertical laser lines
  • Installing air-conditioning and electronics systems thanks to easy transfer of plumb points
  • Transferring entire lighting grids
  • Levelling surfaces for interior finishing work such as aligning final reference markings for accurate positioning

Installers can be assured they are getting top quality items designed to perform those tasks to a high standard. Equally, so can DIY hobbyists looking for tools ideal for aligning objects.

GLL3-80 CG

GLL3-80 CG – efficiency

The main selling point of the green line lasers is that they are brighter than their red alternatives. The GLL3-80 CG’s bright green laser lines offer up to four times better visibility than red lines.

Working in bright working environments, such as near to a window, is when this becomes especially effective.

An additional bonus of this line laser is that its 3 x 360° lines allow simultaneous horizontal and vertical levelling applications for highly efficient work.

GCL2-50 CG

GCL2-50 CG – optimal visibility

  • Green laser technology enables efficient working particularly in bright lighting conditions
  • Compatible with the RM 3 Professional multifunctional mount for motorised line positioning
  • Can be used flexibly thanks to dual power supply: 12-V Li battery or standard alkaline batteries
  • Laser lines can be positioned around the centred plumb points accurately and easily
  • Versatile mounting options thanks to the RM 2 Professional universal mount supplied

Furthermore, the GCL2-50 CG features bright green horizontal and vertical laser lines. These combine perfectly with the two centred plumb points to offer optimal visibility.

Bluetooth functionality

Bluetooth functionality

Embracing the benefits that come with Bluetooth functionality, these are the first line lasers worldwide which can be controlled using an app and Bluetooth interface.

Tradespeople can, for example, switch the laser line on and off individually using the Bosch Levelling Remote App − without touching the tool and altering settings accidentally when handling the device.

Additionally, operating via app makes set up and work in hard to reach places easier. The brightness of the laser lines can also be conveniently adjusted by the user for better visibility or to save battery power.

Give them a go

In conclusion, the aforementioned Bosch cross line lasers are great additions to our range of measuring tools. They provide precision and accuracy in abundance. Moreover, their ability to implement Bluetooth increases efficiency and, therefore, productivity.

Give our lasers a go for yourself. Simply visit one of our showrooms for a live demonstration. Alternatively, you can buy the GCL2-50 CG here and the GLL3-80 here. Order before 17.30 for next working day delivery.