NitroDur Boschhammers

Anyone who has used Bosch power tools knows they are incredibly tough and resilient. The NitroDur Boschhammers have the same traits plus additional power for peak performance.

NitroDur Boschhammers

So, what is it that makes these Bosch products stand out? Their aforementioned extra power is a major asset. The demolition hammers, for example, are called that for a reason; they pack a big punch.

For instance, the GSH11VC Demolition Hammer Breaker boasts best power-to-weight ratio thanks to its 1700 watt motor and 23 joules of impact energy. That, combined with its weight of just 11kg makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Bosch GSH11VC Demolition Hammer

Key features:

  • Low vibration of only 8 m/s² due to decoupled main and side handles and optimised hammer mechanism that minimises vibration where it originates
  • Typical in-line design ensures optimum handling when working towards the ground
  • Long lifetime due to robust metal components
  • Adjustable impact force can be perfectly matched to application and material

The GSH11VC Demolition Hammer is a great choice for any chiseling application. Its speed and consistency are second to none and it also prioritizes your safety on the job.
Rotary Hammer

Bosch GBH18V-26 Rotary Hammer

Similar can be said of the GBH18V-26 Rotary Hammer, another model from the NitroDur range.

Power, precision and protection are a guarantee. See below for key features of the product:

  • 50% more power with the impact force of a corded tool for fast, versatile use (compared to predecessor GBH18V-EC)
  • Increased user protection with KickBack Control (KBC) and better control with Electronic Precision Control (EPC)
  • Drill without dust thanks to the new integrated, optional GDE 18V-16 dust extraction system
  • Ergonomic L-shaped design for easier horizontal drilling

The GBH18V-26 hammer’s ability to be maintain its effectiveness when used in a variety of positions is a big plus point. Along with the GSH11VC, you can expect a long lifetime for your hammer due to its robust metal components.

Power up with Bosch NitroDur

In summary, the NitroDur hammers are powerful, durable and highly efficient cordless machines.

The GBH18V-26 and GSH11VC can be ordered now for next working day delivery.