Bosch PROtection

Bosch PROtection is a new range of features that have been developed by the professionals at Bosch to help reduce the risk of injury while still providing the best possible performance in tough working conditions.

Their active PROtection features are extremely innovative and clever. For example, Rotation Control Clutch in Rotary Hammer Drills and Restart Protection in Angle Grinders.

We take a more detailed look at these features and how Bosch are pushing the boundaries of power tool technology.

What is Bosch PROtection?

Bosch PROtection functions in Bosch Professional power tools are in place to prevent injury from the hidden dangers of drilling, grinding and sawing applications. Features such as Innovative Sensor technology combined with the mechanical and electronic build of the power tool provide extra safety and control during use.

“We can give you added safety with our injury protection technology [and] our preventative safety technology.” – Bosch Professional

One example of intelligent PROtection is the Kickback Control feature found in the Bosch GBH36VF-LI Plus SDS+ Hammer Drill. This clever safety feature measures the tool’s acceleration and shuts down the motor if a quick rotational reaction force is detected.

Impressive stuff. The video above is a great demonstration of how this works. So let’s take a look at the other current features…

intelligent PROtection

How does Bosch PROtection improve tool safety?

In addition to Kickback Control, there are a growing number of features used in Bosch Professional power tools developed to protect the user.

The graphic above shows the thought process behind Bosch PROtection. Injury Protection Technology to reduce the risk of injury; Preventative Safety Technology such as anti-vibration and anti-dust solutions to prevent long term health complications.

Injury Protection Technology

  • Kickback Control – stops the motor when the power tool is blocked.
  • Drop Control – turns off your power tool when it hits the floor. Features in new Bosch Angle Grinders, such as the GWS18v-115.
  • Intelligent Brake System – Reduces braking time on Angle Grinders by up to 70%.
  • PROtection Switch – simple yet effective, this feature turns off the Angle Grinder when you let go of it.
  • Rotation Clutch Control – When a drill binds it can keep going and potential injure the user. This PROtection feature, found in Rotary and Impact Drills, disengages power and keeps you in control.
  • Restart Protection – if the power tool is cut off for whatever reason, it stays off.

Preventative Safety Technology

  • Vibration Control – reduces fatigue caused by vibration from prolonged use. Now available in a range of Drills, Grinders, Sanders and Saws, such as the new GSA18v-32 Sabre Saw.
  • Click & Clean System – improved extraction integration and accessories that reduce the exposure to respirable dust.
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning – AFC for short, this new feature added to the Bosch GAS35MAFC Extractor improves efficiency and reduces accumulation of harmful dust.

Bosch PROtection technology v2

Intelligent technology

Bosch PROtection enables professionals to work with confidence on the job site and reduces the risk of getting physically injured or exposed to hidden hazards such as dust and vibration.

We’ve created a playlist on our YouTube channel, where you can watch more Bosch videos on Bosch PROtection features.

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