Makita anti vibration technology (AVT)

What is Makita Anti Vibration Technology (AVT)?

The new generation of power tools provide more power than ever before. This means greater efficiency but more vibration, especially in SDS Drills and Breakers. Makita AVT is a new feature available for selected models which provides better vibration protection for the user.

makita avt explained

How does Makita AVT work?

The graphic above visualises the Active Dynamic Vibration Absorber found in hammer drill models featuring AVT. This technology transfers air around a series of chambers which pushes a counterbalance in the opposite direction to the piston, cancelling out the vibration the piston would normally create. This feature, plus shock absorbing handles on selected machines, greatly improves vibration protection.

What are the key benefits of choosing a Makita AVT model?

  • Absorbs reaction force of drill bit at the moment of impact
  • Improved operation with extremely low vibration
  • Reduced strain over prolonged periods of use
  • Working with a safer machine improves user confidence

The video below shows a side by side comparison of an AVT machine vs a standard machine…

Alongside extraction, vibration is becoming a major talking point in the trade industry – even more so since the EU Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive 2002/44/EC came into force, which deals specifically with risks from vibration at work. This directive has been implemented in the UK under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005.

For more detailed information about the dangers vibration can pose, click here.

Choosing a Makita AVT model

There is a growing range of products that feature Makita anti vibration technology, from SDS Drills and Breakers to Angle Grinders and Reciprocating Saws. These are available online and in store.

Product demonstrations may be available on request for larger organisations – for more details, ask in store or call us on 01223 498700.