Straight Router Cutters

Straight router cutters come in different shapes and sizes and can be used for a wide range of applications, from cutting kitchen worktops to finishing cabinets. Depending on the type, straight cutters can be used with hard and soft woods, plastics, mdf, plywood and laminate chipboard.

We stock a wide range of Trend cutters with a variation of types to choose from. Each cutter has its own purpose and it can be a minefield finding the right cutter for your application. This brief guide on the types of straight router cutters will hopefully help you find the right cutter for the job.

Types of straight router cutters

Single Flute

Single flute cutters are mainly used to cut and clear material. A stronger cutter with better chip clearance characteristics, allowing faster feed rates to be maintained, with a lower quality finish.

Twin Flute

The most common form of straight router cutter is called a Twin Flute. Featuring two cutting edges ground symmetrically opposite each other, two fluted cutters produce a superior finish. These cutters should be used at a slightly slower feed rate to allow waste material to clear adequately. For Plunge cutting applications, a cutting edge is often found on the bottom of the cutter.

Three Flute

These cutters are typically used for refining and fine trimming applications.

Spiral Cutters

Spiral cutters provide a fine cut with less vibration due to the constant shearing action of the cutter. Down cut and up cut versions are available depending on the application.

Rota Tip

Rota Tip cutters feature replaceable blades made from tungsten carbide. These blades can be rotated, providing longer life span, and are normally made from solid tungsten carbide.

Cutter material – HSS vs. TCT vs. STC

High Speed Steel (HSS)

Steel grade cutters have a sharper edge, giving clean cuts in soft timber.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)

Highly resistant to wear, tungsten carbide tipped cutters are a suitable for abrasive materials such as plywood, chipboard and mdf.

Solid Carbide Cutters (STC)

Manufactured from a solid piece of harder grade tungsten carbide. This makes solid carbide cutters stronger and more durable.

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