When choosing your cordless mitre saw you aim for it to tick many boxes. Primarily, you want one that delivers precise and accurate cuts, while also providing fantastic value for money.

This is where we can help. While our cordless mitre saws share similarities, there are also differences between them. From blades to sliding action, there are plenty of features worth taking into account when picking the right saw for you.


Naturally, a key thing to look out for is blade diameter. This determines the size of the blades that can be used. The maximum for one mitre saw, for instance, may be 165mm, while another mitre saw can take 190mm blades.

Additionally, some blades excel at cutting certain types of material. Most mitre saws come with a blade adept at cutting wood. If, however, you are likely to cut lots of metal, it may be worth checking your favoured mitre saw is compatible with blades designed for that.

Teeth are another factor worth taking into account when looking at blades. The more teeth, the finer the cut, the less, the faster.

Milwaukee mitre saw

Single vs. dual-bevel compound

Single bevel compound mitre saws are ideal for angled cuts in two planes, as is required for cuts in picture frames and such like. Its pivoting function allows you to make angled cuts on the left or right. Bevel cuts, meanwhile, can only be made in one direction with a single bevel – hence the term.

Flipping your workpiece to make bevel cuts on both sides isn’t necessary with a dual-bevel cordless mitre saw, however. Indeed, they are very convenient when matching multiple cuts, as is the case with applications such as crowd molding.

If accurate cuts is what you’re aiming for then a single bevel compound will suit you just fine. For speed and efficiency, a double – such as this one – is more likely to satisfy your demands.

Other cordless mitre saw features

  • Laser and cutting guides – some cordless mitre saws come with a laser guide to track your cuts. This Dewalt mitre saw includes a shadow line which further increases productivity
  • Legstand – the nature of sawing dictates that a legstand is a valuable commodity for stability and practical purposes. See a selection of our legstands here
  • Lights – visibility is vital so most of our cordless mitre saws feature LED lights to illuminate the workspace
  • Sliding action – cutting on a sliding action allows you to cut pieces of wood with bigger widths, such as fencing posts. Less sliding is required for other materials, including dado rails

In addition to the above, vast amounts of dust will be generated by your sawing so having a dust extractor attached to your saw is advised. Alternatively, your mitre saw should have its own dust management system.

Dewalt mitre saw

Choose your saw

In conclusion, choosing the right cordless mitre saw for you can take time. Working out beforehand which type of applications you will generally be using it for, followed by deciding between factors such as convenience and quality will make your choice much simpler.

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