As World Cup fever strikes it’s important to remember many other exciting events are taking place this summer. For example, the launch of the new Dewalt Cut Off Saw, slated for release in the summer season.

We delve into the Dewalt DCS690 in depth to give you the lowdown on an XR Flexvolt power tool that is bound to be in demand.

dewalt dcs690

The Dewalt Cut Off Saw is teeming with excellent features. Its brushless motor, for instance, extends durability, efficiency and power of the product. Additionally, the saw’s ergonomic handle with soft grip provides great comfort, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity.

There is plenty more to suggest this item is the real deal, including the below.

dewalt saw

Dewalt Cut Off Saw features

  • Latched battery box for minimizing dust and water ingress into the battery terminals which enhances durability
  • 5-position rotatable guard for optimized approach angle, for improved visibility when cutting in tight spots
  • Adjustable dual sided water delivery system for superior dust management and sealed switch for durability
  • Heavy load indicator provides user feedback to help cut with optimized force without stopping
  • All metal drivetrain for superior durability and efficiency
  • Brake provides fast reduction in wheel speed increasing safety and productivity
  • Ergonomic auxiliary handle for optimized horizontal and vertical cutting
  • Rear labyrinth construction air intake, keeps motor clean, cool and debris free

The aforementioned dust management system is one of several positives of this cordless saw. It also emits no fumes and makes less noise when in use.

Furthermore, the above highlights the versatility that this saw will present to the user when in motion. Its 5-position guard ensures there will be no need to get in awkward stances while cutting as it covers all bases.

dewalt cut off saw feature


Dewalt DCS690 specifications

  • Blade diameter: 230mm
  • No load speed: 6,600rpm
  • Depth of cut: 83mm
  • Cut time 25mm scoring 60cm: 33 seconds
  • Cut time 19mm rebar: 4 seconds
  • Cut time through cinder block: 5.2 seconds

The ability to cut through concrete and other materials at such a rapid rate is a big plus point for the Dewalt Cut Off Saw. It is also further evidence that their XR Flexvolt range is changing the game with impressive tweaks and improvements.

Another thing worth noting is that a new blade has been made to complement the DCS690 saw. Indeed, the DT40260 extreme diamond wheel is designed to optimise the cut off saw as well as providing longer life and more runtime. This will also be released in the coming months.

Coming soon

In conclusion, we are very excited for the Dewalt Cut Off Saw to drop. In the meantime, shop our range of Dewalt XR Flexvolt power tools.