Coming to Anglia Tool Centre this February: the new Dewalt Flexvolt dust extractor. More powerful than any of its predecessors, the DCV586M is sure to be a hit.

We look at why this Flexvolt dust extractor ticks all the boxes and should be on your shopping list.

Who can benefit from it?

Dust extractors are useful companions in the trade industry, what with the majority of trades requiring dust management solutions. These include the below:

  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Joiners
  • General builders and contractors
  • Dryliners

Dust extractor application shot

Furthermore, dust extraction is advised when undertaking applications involving wood, concrete or masonry such as the following:

  • Wall chasing
  • Diamond drilling
  • Hardwood dust applications
  • Sanding, routing and sawing
  • Drywall sanding
  • Concrete floor grinding
  • Mortar raking

Additionally, it’s always recommended to give your jobsite a general clean up, and this is equipped to do just that.

Dewalt extractor

Dewalt Flexvolt dust extractor features

  • 2000W brushless motor – powerful and market leading overload protection
  • Audible alarm – alerts user of a drop in performance
  • Recessed battery crevice, fits XR Flexvolt batteries – maximum battery protection, power and runtime
  • On vac 2.4m hose storage – protective hose storage
  • Dust tight, water resistant – maximum protection against severe conditions
  • Wet & dry – maximum clean up flexibility
  • 4mm reinforced polypropylene plastic – high impact and drop resistant
  • TStak compatible – configure to exact storage requirements
  • Automatic dual filter cleaning (filter cleaned every 30 seconds) – reduces filter clogging, delivers constant airflow

The overall result of the aforementioned features is that this Flexvolt dust extractor boasts increased and optimal performance, as well as extended durability, efficiency and power.

Activate the wireless vac by inserting the key fob into the holder and wrapping the strap around it before attaching it to the vacuum hose, finger or close by the work area. Follow this by simply pressing the activation (or deactivation) button and you are good to go.

activation of extractor

M-Class compliant

Another benefit of the new Dewalt dust extractor is that it is M-Class compliant.

This means it meets health and safety standards for all wet and dry cleaning applications. In addition to that, it is suitable for extraction of hazardous materials and removes 99.9% of dust with a limit value for occupational exposure > 0.1mg/m³.

Other features include the fact that it is lightweight and easy to transport.

extracting dust

Coming soon

In conclusion, the Dewalt Flexvolt dust extractor has everything you want from a dust management solution. Flexible, versatile and convenient, it also embraces its 54V battery functionality to ensure high quality performance.

We are very excited for the DCV586M to arrive. In the meantime, shop our range of Dewalt Flexvolt power tools.