DPD visit

Here at Anglia Tool Centre we always strive to improve and offer the best possible service. We are confident that our recent upgrade of telephone systems will make communications more efficient and less time-consuming to customers and colleagues alike.

Our new phone system ensures you are looked after at all times. Furthermore, the option to speak to your desired Anglia Tool Centre team is clearer than ever.

We understand that embracing new technologies in the digital era is one surefire way to progress as a company. Subsequently, we have based our plans on utilizing these to make life easier for our customers.


DPD Superhub visit

With DPD our designated courier service, we felt a trip to their HQ would be beneficial. Seeing how the process works between goods arriving and leaving – and everything in between – proved to be fascinating.

During our visit to the DPD Superhub in Hinckley we gained a firmer understanding of how the aforementioned process works.

Naturally, as we stood in the vast hub watching everything unfold we envisaged our parcels on their own journey. It allowed us to see how they are dealt with, and indeed highlighted what we can do ourselves to make things run smoother.

For example, the care taken to avoid damage to parcels is something that impressed us greatly. Going forward we also plan to take an even more professional approach to making your experience with us a better one and have a number of ideas we are keen to get in motion.

DPD process

Attitude and application

The attitude of staff was top class while morale was clearly high. It is the kind of atmosphere we promote ourselves as it leads to greater productivity.

Seeing people in such a large-scale, high-pressure environment produce good work reinforced our own views and that our parcels are in the most reliable hands.

See it for yourself

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and observing our delivery service’s methods will only help us in our attempts to improve it.

Check out our power tools now and experience our excellent service firsthand.