dust free sanding

Even with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanding can be a messy and hazardous job. Dust generated from sanding may contain harmful particles which can be a major health issue for tradesmen, potentially leading to respiratory problems.

One of the key developments over the past few years has been Mirka’s investment in dust free sanding solutions. Led by its innovative Abranet range of abrasives and their popular, lightweight Deros sander.

Dust free sanding with the Abranet range

The Abranet sanding discs from Mirka are highly effective at remaining unclogged.  This assists users in avoiding ‘dust pills’, as the dust no longer collects in lumps on the discs, and improves the lifespan of the abrasive.

The pads create grooves on the sanding surface that will fill up, leading to a decline in the sanding capacity of the abrasive itself. The abrasive maintains its aggressive properties across the entire surface much longer than traditional paper abrasives, allowing for an even and efficient sanding process.

By combining Mirka Abranet abrasives, the Deros sander and an effective Dust Extractor – the surface being sanded is kept clear and a dust free environment is achieved. What every professional wants!

Advantages of dust free sanding

Having a clean work environment is underrated. Tradesmen can reduce time prepping and tidying up at the end of each day, so they can spend more time completing jobs and creating new business.

The effectiveness of dust free sanding means that multiple jobs can be worked on in a single room at the same time. This improves efficiency and reduces the time it takes to finish a project.

By using a combination of market leading sanding products like the Mirka range; dust free sanding protects the health of both tradesmen and the client, while enhancing the overall working experience.

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