Festool airstream

Festool have recently relaunched their 18v range with Festool Airstream, the new battery technology that introduces some great new benefits to working with cordless power tools.

We’ve received a few questions from customers at our showrooms asking if the latest innovation from Festool is worth the investment. So for others asking online, hopefully we can answer your questions in this post.

What are the main benefits of Festool Airstream?

  • New battery technology – The new Festool Airstream battery pack features an innovative vent that allows air to enter the chamber and flow over the cells in the battery. This drastically reduces heat and increases the effectiveness of the battery pack.
  • LED display –  A useful addition is an LED display on the front of the battery pack (shown below). This gives the user a clear indication of the charge status and remaining battery life.

Airstream battery LED display

  • Backwards compatible – A question we are often asked is whether the new Airstream battery is backward compatible with previous Festool 18v power tools. We can confirm that it is backward compatible. However a minor point to note is the LED charge status on the battery might not sync with the charge status on older Festool drills (for example, 500782). This is to do with the electrical configuration and can be easily fixed at a Festool service centre.
  • New and improved charger – The new Airstream chargers deliver up to 65% faster charging times. This is a big upgrade and an important time saver for users on the job site.
  • MyFestool – Festool Airstream products are covered by Festool’s service all-inclusive 3 year warranty. This is a key benefit of investing in Festool.

Festool Airstream batteries cool faster, charge faster and run more efficiently. For professional tradesmen this is invaluable.

Users will really notice the difference after high-energy applications such as sawing, where previous batteries would become warm and overheat.

There is no doubt that the new Airstream technology has improved their 18v cordless range. Having tried it first hand at Festool HQ last week, we can testify the new battery is very effective.

Although Festool does come under the higher price bracket compared to other 18v cordless systems on the market; more and more professional joiners, kitchen fitters and decorators are choosing Festool, recognising the high performance that Festool Airstream delivers.

For more questions about Festool Airstream, ask our experts in store or call our sales team on 01223 498700.