Festool KS60


The Festool KS60 Mitre Saw has launched this February and with the release of their new airstream range, it’s been an exciting start to the year for Festool as they continue to innovate the industry to create better and more intuitive products for the end user.

We take a look at the newest Festool Kapex Mitre Saw and the different versions now available.

Festool KS60 key benefits and first impressions

For the tradesman or DIY user, the new Kapex KS60 sliding compound Mitre Saw features a compact and ergonomic design with ease of movement from the ergonomic hand grips and an integrated cord holder for easy transport.

The new Kapex model is a powerhouse in minimising waste. The error-free transfer of the angle with the bevel and LED spotlight will allow work to be done quickly and accurately, with increased visibility of the scribe mark.

In terms of application, the mitre angles are up to 60 degrees on both sides and can be adjusted extremely easily and accurately for the user to set different presets and to interchange via locking positions. This will allow you to increase productivity, achieve consistency and get the job done faster.

Festool KS60 Mitre Saw

Precision and versatility of the Festool KS60 Mitre Saw

This mitre saw features dual-bearings and a twin column guide to guarantee smooth and reliable precision cutting.

Tradesmen will find projects much easier to carry out thanks to the precision and versatility of this new Kapex. For example, when cutting on the floor users can use a SYS-1 Systainer as an extension, which is ideal for floorlayers.

Having visited Festool HQ a few months ago for a first glimpse of the KS60, it was interesting to hear how they innovate new products based on real user applications and from customer feedback.

More features of the new Kapex

Essentially, Festool have been working hard to eliminate any unnecessary weight to the model to make it as light, compact and ergonomic as possible to make this Kapex Mitre Saw effective and ideal for any applications.

More features of the KS60:

  • Cutting depth limiter for rapid grooving
  • Underframe base which acts as a stand and transport frame in one (included in E-SET-UG version)
  • Twin-column guide for smooth guidance of the saw blade
  • Dust extraction that sucks up dust at source

Different versions of the Festool KS60

The new Festool Kapex is now available online and in each of our showrooms.

  • KS60 E – basic model supplied with HW universal saw blade W 36, clamp FSZ 120 and operation tool
  • KS60 E-SET – this model includes bevel, LED spotlight and elevation in addition to the KS60 E contents
  • KS60 E-SET-UG – the complete model that features all the contents above plus the underframe base

View the full range here.

For any questions about the new Festool Kapex Mitre Saw, call our sales team on 01223 498700 or visit your nearest ATC showroom.