Hikoki Multi Volt

HiKOKI officially launched this month, and in doing so rolled out their new Multi Volt battery system. As far as statements go, this represents a big one following the company’s rebrand.

Want optimal power without the hassle of cords? This gives you it. And there are plenty of other standout features offered by the Multi Volt series, which we take a look at below.

HiKOKI Multi Volt system

Multi Volt features

  • Optimal power without cords
  • Compatible with most cordless HiKOKI power tools
  • Roughly the same size/weight as 18V battery

Listed above are benefits of the new platform that demonstrate it combines power with freedom. Pair the battery with 36V tools and you will receive unprecedented cordless power over 1,000W.

Designed for full compatibility with the current 18V slide range, it automatically changes between two voltages (36V* 2.5Ah and 18V 5.0Ah) according to the tool used. This flexibility is reflective of the thought that has gone into making the Multi Volt series more than just a smart name.

Additionally, the batteries are compact and lightweight, as emphasised below. Given the significant upgrade in power and performance, you could ordinarily expect a compromise, but HiKOKI ensure efficiency is paramount.

Multi Volt size


Following on from the aforementioned innovative technology, great convenience is also offered by the Multi Volt range. Indeed, it is especially beneficial when operated at high power levels.

For example, should you pair the battery with a 36V power tool, only half the amperage of an 18V tool is required to achieve the same power. Combine this with the integrated cooling system and the battery system heats up much more slowly. This allows it to deliver its full power over a longer period of time.

Power up

It’s always exciting to embrace something fresh. The Multi Volt system is exactly that, while also boasting a variety of impressive features. Flexibility, versatility, efficiency and convenience should always be priorities when looking at power tools and accessories to complement them, and Multi Volt provides all of that and more.

HiKOKI will be showcasing the Multi Volt series and cordless tools to be used with them at our upcoming Norwich Tool Show event. You can register to attend the show for free by clicking here.

*compatible with Multi Volt 36V tools only.