1st fix or 2nd fix nailer

Anglia Tool Centre stock a wide range of cordless nailers and we often get asked which nailer, or nail gun, is the right one for the job. Here, we take a look at the difference between first fix and second fix nailers.

First fix nailers

The most important place to start when choosing a nailer is the job you need it for. The reason that people use different terms for different nailers is they do different jobs.

First fix and framing nailers actually mean the same thing. First fix nailers are used to complete rough woodwork in construction such as flooring, wood framing, and roofing.

These nailers use large nails and often leave impressions in wood. However this doesn’t matter as first fix nailers should only be used in areas that aren’t going to be on show.

First fix nailers such as the Paslode IM360, Dewalt DCN692 and Hikoki NR90GC2 are perfect for all big construction jobs. They provide different power styles to suit the user in terms of frequency of use and the kind of jobs to be worked on.

1st fix or 2nd fix nailer

Second fix nailers

Second fix and finish nailers are also the same. Second fix nailers are used to complete ‘softer’ jobs; they use smaller nails to reduce any potential impressions or damage to the work area.

That’s the reason that these nail guns are ideal for more delicate interior work such as door frames, general woodwork finishing and household mouldings.

As with first fix nailers there a variety of power options available for different levels of use and types of job. Popular second fix nailers include the Dewalt DCN660, Paslode IM65 and Hikoki NT65GB.

With second fix nailers, you also have a choice between straight and angled. The difference is simply the angle of the nailer. Angled nailers tend to be more popular, as they can be used in harder to reach places.

1st fix or 2nd fix nailer – which one do I need?

If you are mainly working indoors, the second fix nailer is for you. For men and women in the trade working on larger projects, it’s more common to have both styles of nailer.

Here at Anglia Tool Centre we stock a twin pack of Dewalt nailers that provides greater value for professionals that need first fix and second fix nailers.

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