Leica lasers are extremely precise, accurate and durable. For measuring tasks on the jobsite they . PLS lasers are ideal for use by general contractors, electricians, plumbers and landscapers in both interior and exterior applications.

We take a look at the highlights of the L2G and L2P5 laser levels, in addition to the Leica lino P5 laser, and the applications they excel at respectively.

L2G laser

Leica lasers – features

L2G laser level

  • Green laser visibility – Green reference lines are easily seen in difficult lighting conditions and over long distances
  • Triple power concept – You can power your laser by using rechargeable Li-ion batteries for up to 28 hours on one charge. Alternatively, you can use Alkaline batteries or simply its charger
  • Magnetic smart adaptors – You can set up the rotatable adapter over edges and profiles, or attach it to iron pipes, tracks and bars with the addition of the UAL 130 adapter
  • Always level – It automatically corrects its positioning when out of level up to ± 4°. The laser beams flash if the tilt is outside this range to prevent errors

L2P5 laser level

  • Horizontal, vertical or cross line modes
  • Plumb Points
  • Points at 90°
  • Pulse function with power-saving mode
  • Exact 90° angles

Furthermore, both aforementioned laser levels boast several of the same features. For example, both have an IP54 waterproof rating, subsequently making them construction site proof. Additionally, their range can be increased when paired with a receiver.

P5 laser

P5 dot line laser

  • Professional plumbing – the laser beam is projected above and below the instrument, allowing you to transfer reference dots quickly and efficiently
  • Aligning – in addition to plumb beams, the P5 projects three dots at exactly the same height. Aligning windows, partition walls and other building elements becomes quick and easy
  • Setting out right angles – the P5 has five laser beams, which are exactly at right angles to one another. This simplifies setting out tasks and makes your interior fitting-out more precise and efficient
  • 5-point laser – creates vertical and horizontal points at right angles to one another from a central position. Three horizontally projected points are exactly the same height, ensuring setting-out is an easy task
  • Modern, ergonomic housing

L2P5 laser

Get measuring

In conclusion, the Leica lasers are among the best on the market. Indeed, durability is an obvious highlight given the lasers’ abilities to withstand tough environments. Nonetheless, range and accuracy have not been compromised on.

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