Buying a power tool is an investment. It is the tool that will enable you to work and earn money, so it makes sense that you should protect this investment by properly maintaining your power tools.

We’ve put together these simple tips that will help to ensure your power tools not only last but are also a reliable tool for your trade.

Regular cleans

One of the most basic ways to keep your power tools in good working order is to ensure that you clean them after each use. When you’ve been using your tool wait for it to cool down and then wipe the outside of the tool using a damp cloth.

To clean the inside use an air compressor to blow away any dirt or grit. Using a brush will just move the dirt around and won’t clean your tools as effectively.

safe storage

Safe storage

Once your tools have been cleaned storing them away safely will help to prevent them from becoming damaged. Ideally store your tools in their hard case, if this is not possible keep them in a dry and clean environment that is not damp or exposed to extreme temperatures. Storing your tools in a damp environment can lead to problems with the electrical components and can cause corrosion.

Sharpen blades

You can help increase the longevity of your tools by sharpening blades to keep them working at their optimum level. How regularly you need to sharpen your blades depends on how often you use the tool. However, always ensure you read the manufacturer guide before sharpening the blades to make sure you do it without damaging the tool or harming yourself.

Sharpen blades

Replace worn parts

Using your power tools on a regular basis over months and years will eventually lead to parts becoming worn out. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a brand new tool. Instead, you can simply replace the worn parts with manufacturer recommended replacements.

One of the most common parts of a power tool to become worn out is the carbon brushes. These are responsible for conducting electricity through the motor. If you see a lot of sparks inside the motor housing it is usually a sign of a worn out brush.

battery care

Battery care

An easy way to keep batteries well maintained is to ensuring they are fully charged and used up regularly. Uncharged and unused batteries often don’t last as long as regularly charged and used batteries.

As well as this, many power tools use lithium ion batteries. One of the keys to keeping this type of battery well maintained is managing the heat. Try to keep the battery stored in a climate controlled area. Additionally, ensure that it doesn’t overheat as this can damage the battery beyond repair.

Power tools are generally robust and able to withstand constant use and being dropped. Following these maintenance tips will help to keep your tools in pristine condition for years.

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