Makita Efficut saw blades are quick, efficient and provide long service life. Given the various materials you work with, knowing you can rely on your blades is a great feeling.

We look at why Efficut blades are the ideal accessory for your sawing needs.


Efficut saw blades – features

  • Special Tooth Design – reduced tooth face increases efficiency of off cut removal
  • Slim tip’s bottom reduced cutting resistance providing a longer runtime
  • Curved tip’s body allows excellent chip removal with reduced cutting resistance
  • Sharp tip’s top angle provides clean cutting with little effort
  • Thin kerf to reduce the load during cutting for longer runtime

The Efficut saw blades are 2.5 times faster compared to standard saw blades. As mentioned above, the new tip design reduces contact with the material, increases efficiency of release waste and has a sharper bevel angle.

This means your cuts are therefore more efficient, and makes your battery last 2.4 times longer compared to a standard blade.

New tip design and variety

  • Reduced contact with the work material
  • Increases efficiency of release waste
  • Sharper bevel angle

These features make Efficut blades perfect for cutting wood, melamine and laminate, in addition to other materials.

Moreover, as well as diameter and bore size the number of teeth varies on each blade. Maybe you want a smoother cut, in which case the more teeth the better. For a faster cut, you’ll want less.

Efficut blades

In conclusion, Efficut technology more than lives up to its name. Its efficiency is unparalleled and supplemented by the blades being especially made for cordless saws. If you match the best saw with the best blades then it goes without saying that optimal performance and results will follow.

The blades are available in an array of shapes and sizes. Check them out at a showroom near you. Alternatively, order them before 17.30 for next working day delivery.