Makita CXT 10.8v Range features new power tools and slide battery

Announced at the Makita 2016 conference, Makita have given a boost to their 10.8v range with new tools, features and improved slide-on batteries.

The fresh 10.8v CXT range has been launched due to the growing popularity with 10.8v power tools. And now users of the new range of 10.8v tools will benefit from multi-contact 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah slide batteries, similar to the style of the popular 18v batteries, which will provide efficient power over a longer runtime.

The new Makita CXT 10.8v range

10.8v power tools provide users with a smaller, lightweight alternative, ideal for precision work in tight spaces such as fitting a kitchen cabinet compared to the 18v range.

The innovative new CXT range (Compact Extreme Technology) builds on existing Makita 10.8v power tools, with improved torque, power and stability, thanks to the new slide on battery which we talk about in more detail below.

  • Improved motors deliver increased torque
  • New slide on battery with multi contact terminals
  • Better stability under extreme work vibration conditions
  • Longer runtime from 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries
  • Lightweight and ergonomic, with soft rubber grips and a good balance in hand
  • Range of ‘CXT’ tools includes: Combi Drill, Drill Driver, Impact Driver, Recip Saw and Circ Saw
Makita CXT 10.8v range

New ‘slide on’ Makita CXT Battery

A key announcement made at the Makita conference is the introduction of the new CXT batteries that connect to the new 10.8v power tools just like the existing 18v batteries.

There are a number of advantages that this brings. As mentioned above, there is better stability under extreme vibration, as the multi-contact terminals provide a stronger connection to the tool. This connection is important, as it means improved power transfer from the battery cells to the motor in the tool.

The new slide battery is easy to use and boasts a built-in protection to prevent overload or over-discharging from the new DC10WC standard battery charger (shipped as standard with the new 10.8v kits).

Featuring a similar style as the old Makita batteries, with the addition of a blue trim, the overall balance of the new 10.8v tools with the new CXT battery in the hand is good and the drills can easily be stood upright on a flat surface.

Makita CXT Battery

Makita CXT Kits

Now available at Anglia Tool Centre, the 10.8v CXT CLX202AJ Twin Pack includes the HP331DZ Combi Drill and TD110DZ Impact Driver. Supplied in a compact Makpac Case, the kit includes 2x 2.0Ah CXT Li-ion Batteries and Battery Charger.

With other Makita CXT kits, excluding body only machines, 2x 2.0Ah batteries will be included as standard. A 4.0Ah version will become available, ideal as an optional upgrade with body only machines.

For more information about the new Makita CXT 10.8v power tools, click the links below. Alternatively call our sales team on 01223 498700.

Makita CLX202AJ 10.8v CXT Combi & Impact Twin Pack

Makita HS301DWAE 10.8v CXT 85mm Circular Saw Kit / body only version

Makita DF031DWAE 10.8v CXT Hex Drill Driver Kit

More 10.8v CXT kits coming soon…