Milwaukee landscaping tools have always been high quality. Now, however, they have gone up another notch with the recently released Quik-Lok Attachment System – essentially an all-in-one products to cover all gardening jobs.

Additionally, more trimmers and blowers have been added to the range for those not swayed by the aforementioned method. Read on for more details.

Quik-Lok Attachment System

Designed to meet the needs of landscape maintenance professionals, the M18 Fuel Quik-Lok Attachment System is a versatile outdoor power equipment system. It features multiple attachments powered by a single power head.

Moreover, with this system you have the capability to switch between multiple attachments including a string trimmer, edger and hedge trimmer to complete a wide range of applications.

Additionally, the M18 Fuel Quik-Lok Attachment System utilises the most advanced cordless technology to deliver best-in-class power and run-time for landscaping and trade professionals, subsequently achieving instantaneous throttle response and outperforming higher voltage platforms.

Milwaukee blower

Milwaukee landscaping – new products

While the above Milwaukee landscaping tools aren’t part of the Quik-Lok system, they do all boast brushless motors and cordless convenience, therefore making extremely efficient sources of use in the garden.

Furthermore, as with its Quik-Lok compatible alternative, the line trimmer’s full throttle can be reached in less than a second. The blowers’ compactness and ergonomic features, meanwhile, allow them to work effectively in tight spaces.

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In conclusion, the Milwaukee landscaping range contains a selection of tools perfectly built to assist you with your gardening applications. The convenience of the Quik-Lok Attachment System is also, of course, a big factor to consider.

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