Milwaukee launch new system called One Key

Milwaukee One Key, the first digital platform for tools and equipment, was launched in the UK towards the end of 2015, yet many tradesmen are still unsure of the benefits and whether if it’s worth an upgrade.

We take a brief look at the new technology, the top features and ask if you think it’s worth the upgrade.

What is Milwaukee One Key?

Milwaukee One Key brings together the latest technology in hardware and software to create ‘smart tools’ – power tools that integrate with a smartphone app providing the user with a new level of control and customisation.

The purpose of the new system is to bring digital tech to the job site, making it easier for tradesmen to customise, track and manage their Milwaukee tools.

The top 4 features of Milwaukee One Key

Tool Customisation: wirelessly configure and monitor the power and speed of your combi and impact drills using the One Key app.

Tool Tracking: keep records and track the location of your Milwaukee One Key power tools within 100ft of your location.

Tool Management: keep detailed records of your entire power tool inventory, any manufacturer or brand; manage your budget on equipment and share with different owners and locations.

Performance Tracking: the One Key app provides live reporting on how each tool is being used, and shows proven accuracy by building professional and customised reports.


What are your thoughts?

If you’re thinking of upgrading to One Key, we’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Which features would benefit you most? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter at @angliatools.