imex lx3

The new Imex LX3D line laser has arrived!

Imex have been busy innovating their laser technology, specialising in providing real laser levelling solutions for the trade. Building on the success of their popular LX22 cross line laser, Imex have developed the new LX3DR red beam and LX3DG green beam line lasers.

The lines on the LX3D are full 360 degree with a horizontal line and two vertical lines at 90 degrees to each other. The line crossover points act as plumb spots both vertically and horizontally.

The lines on the new LX3D line laser are so clear, they can be used to measure up to 80 metres outdoors (when used with the specially designed receiver).

Imex LX3D Line Laser – key features

  • 22 Hours run time on a single beam
  • 8 hours run time using all beams
  • 30 metres indoor range
  • 80 metres outdoor range
  • 7200Ah lithium-ion batteries provide longer run time
  • 70° oven test winner
  • 1 metre drop test winner
  • USB Charging Port (world first for a line laser)
  • Hyper-bright lines


Imex LX3D Line Laser – versions available

The LX3D line laser is supplied as standard with a magnetic swivel wall bracket and a ceiling bracket. This makes it practical and ideal for every application.  It’s also supplied with a USB charger and comes with a spare battery holder for normal batteries.

Both the green and red laser versions are available online or in store.

Imex LXDG Line laser with Green Beam >>

Imex LXDR Line Laser with Red Beam >>

Need a demonstration? We can help

The Imex LX3DG is the ultimate in interior laser levelling. If you want to see one in action please get in touch. We can provide demonstrations in store, at trade shows and even on site visits.