A Bluetooth-connected Festool remote control to assist cleaning? That may sound too good to be true. In a world where people prioritize convenience more than ever before, though, Festool have created the perfect product to collaborate with dust extractors.

On the face of it the Festool remote control may appear to have more style than substance. However, the video below – showcasing the Bluetooth function on Festool’s CLEANTEC 26 and 36 mobile dust extractors – demonstrates the benefits it brings to the table:

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Simple remote-controlled extraction

As well as being convenient, the remote control is great for one’s health. Its Bluetooth covers 10m, meaning the mobile dust extractor can be switched on via the Festool remote control directly on the suction hose. That means less bending, less running back and forth and therefore less back pain.

Then you’ve got the main purpose of the extractor itself. Eliminating all dust, it provides a much more salubrious environment to work in. As Festool’s Marketing Manager, Jonathan Burcham, says: “Efficient and dust-free work has never been simpler.” The Festool remote control is a big factor in that.


festool remote control

They are some of the main advantages of the Festool remote control. Hungry for more? Look no further:

Festool remote control features:

  • Ideal for occasional cleaning tasks – without having to change the mobile dust extractor from AUTO to MAN mode
  • The Bluetooth module also communicates with Festool Bluetooth battery packs – this is how the mobile dust extractor is started automatically when the cordless tool is switched on
  • Retrofit set for CT 26, 36, 48
  • Module for installation in the free module slot
  • Remote operation via remote control (included in the set) or via cordless tool (in combination with Bluetooth battery pack)
  • Enables the mobile dust extractor to be started automatically when the cordless tool is switched on (compatible Bluetooth battery pack required)

festool extractor hose remote control

Ultimately, the Festool remote control complements its fellow products perfectly. It embraces modern technology to enhance the experience of using the dust extractor. The suction hose ties in nicely to make it an incredibly efficient dust extraction system. It makes your job easier, and in turn leads to more productive results.

Give it a go

If the Festool remote control appeals to you, come and have a look yourself. Visit one of our showrooms or upcoming trade events for a live demonstration. Alternatively you can find more information about the product here.