Like to take control? Enjoy being connected? Then the DeWalt Tool Connect is right up your street with a smart app that allows you to manage your tools and be more efficient with your work.

The DeWalt Tool Connect is a jack of all trades. It gives you the ability to connect, track and customize your tools across multiple jobsites. And you can do so from anywhere. Embracing Bluetooth, the app acts as an intermediate in a well-oiled machine.

dewalt tool connect chain

Chain of events

As the diagram above shows, the three-step process begins with your power tool. DeWalt’s expansion of the project included launching 18V XR power tools incorporating full DeWalt Tool Connect functionality and customisable settings.

The next stage is the app, which enables products to be be linked, named, logged and monitored. You can then use it for a variety of tasks, including the below.

DeWalt Tool Connect app features:

  • View the last seen location of an asset or mark an item as lost or stolen, which can then be tracked through the Tool Connect app user network within a 30 metre radius
  • Tools can be linked to particular users, ensuring full visibility of each item’s location at all times
  • Planned and completed maintenance can be recorded for every tool
  • RPM and torque can be customised within each speed mode, allowing the user to program the tool to suit the material being drilled

dewalt tool connect app

In addition to that you have the inventory manager portal. This supplies you with greater scope, essentially showing you the full range of items and materials linked to your DeWalt Tool Connect. Furthermore, you can enable and disable tools at the touch of a button.

For a more visual look at how the DeWalt Tool Connect seamlessly works it is worth watching the following video:

Check it out

In summary, the DeWalt Tool Connect is an innovative system and a perfect companion for your tools, providing security and convenience, increasing efficiency and much more.

Have a look at our DeWalt products on our website, many of which are compatible with the Tool Connect. Also feel free to visit one of our showrooms or upcoming trade shows for live demonstrations.