• Review: DeWalt Tool Connect

    Review: DeWalt Tool Connect

    Like to take control? Enjoy being connected? Then the DeWalt Tool Connect is right up your street with a smart app that allows you to manage your tools and be more efficient with your work. The DeWalt Tool Connect is a jack of all trades. It gives you the ability to connect, track and customize your […]

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  • Product review: Festool remote control CT-F I/M-Set

    Product review: Festool remote control CT-F I/M-Set

    A Bluetooth-connected Festool remote control to assist cleaning? That may sound too good to be true. In a world where people prioritize convenience more than ever before, though, Festool have created the perfect product to collaborate with dust extractors. On the face of it the Festool remote control may appear to have more style than substance. However, the […]

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