The Toolbox App is the award-winning smartphone app from Bosch which is free and available to download for both iPhone and Android users. We take a brief look at why the Bosch Toolbox App is a handy tool for all types of tradesmen and not just Bosch customers.

Measurement Camera

Whether it’s for a quote or for materials you need to order, taking measurements is a key part of the job. With the Bosch Toolbox App, users can take a photo of the job site using the app, annotate with key measurements and notes and send by email.

Instead of keeping measurements on a piece of paper which is easily lost, this feature makes the recording of important information much more reliable.

Documentation and Report Sheets

You can easily document your projects directly from the job site using the Bosch Toolbox App. Record details of your current projects to track progress, materials used and more.

This feature is also ideal for generating quick customer orders or report sheets on the move, which can be exported as pdf files for colleagues or customers.

Unit Converter

Another useful feature of the Bosch Toolbox App is the Unit Converter, which can be used to convert over 50 different unit types of measure. Instead of going on the internet or scribbling calculations, the Unit Converter can help save time with converting distances, volumes and more on the job site.

Bonus toolbox app

Bonus Bang and Bosch Promotions

If you work with Bosch power tools, this section of the app is great for keeping up to date with current offers available from Bosch. The popular Bosch Bonus Bang promotion gives Bosch customers the opportunity to claim cashback rewards on selected Bosch power tools through the Bosch Toolbox App.

Bosch promotions change every month, so it’s handy to have access to these great deals straight from your smartphone.

Bosch Connectivity

The new Bosch Connectivity Ready power tools feature a removable Bluetooth chip inside the handle of the tool that enables it to be linked with the Bosch Toolbox App. This connectivity allows the user to change settings on the tool from the smartphone app, such as setting the kickback level or turning off the precision clutch.

This connectivity feature is tailored for Bosch users and only works with the new Bosch 18v range of connectivity ready power tools.

Bosch Connectivity