We regularly get asked at shows and in-store for a solution to a tricky job application. Quite often the answer is a Trend product. Whether it’s scribing like a pro or using the right jig for the job, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of Trend products in stock online and in-store.

In this post, we pick 5 of our favourite Trend products that we think every trade professional and DIY hobbyist should have in their tool box. Alternatively, to browse our full range of Trend products, click here.

Trend Stealth Mask (STEALTH/ML)

First on our list is the innovative Trend Stealth Mask. The latest PPE accessory from Trend is a must have for professionals across industries. The Trend Stealth Mask features improved filters that reduce breathing resistance and clogging pressure, while additionally protecting the user against harmful particles and fumes.

This is a very popular Trend product with customers in-store and at shows who try it on before buying. The comfort and ergonomic low profile design are great features that make the Trend Stealth Mask effective without getting in the way.

Read more about our Trend Stealth Mask, available in small/medium and medium/large sizes, here.

Trend Worktop Cutter (BR01X1/2TC)

Trend are famous for their routing technology so we had to put a cutter in this list. The BR01 Worktop Cutter fits any 1/2 inch router and is suitable for a range of applications and can be used to cut abrasive materials such as chipboard, MDF, plywood and hardwoods.

Used with a KWJ700 or KWJ900 Worktop Jig, this Trend product makes light work of cutting kitchen worktops to size. Keep the blades sharper for longer with a Trend sharpening kit, another popular demonstration at our trade shows.

Trend jigsaw blades

Trend Jigsaw Blades (JB/T101B)

As the above graphic shows, the Trend JB/T101B Jigsaw Blade can be used to cut softwood, hardwood, plywood, laminated particle board and plastic.

Trend jigsaw blades are manufactured to the highest standards from high alloyed Chrome-Vanadium Steel and feature a universal T-shank. Consequently, you can use this product with a wide range of jigsaws from your preferred power tool brand.

Shop our range of popular Trend jigsaw blades here.

Trend digital level box

Trend Digital Level Box (DLB)

Alongside the popular DAR200 and DAR500 Digital Angle Rules is the Trend Digital Level Box.

This Trend product is ideal for quickly and accurately finding the angle of a surface. The compact size and magnetic base makes it ideal for use with table saws and mitre saws.

Trend Multi-Scribe Pro (MS/PRO)

Finally, the Trend Multi-Scribe Pro. A recent hit on our Facebook page, this is a 15-in-1 compact profile matching tool. Use this Trend product for parallel scribe, convex scribe, contour profiling and many more functions.

Ideal for use by all trades, this product is a must have for every tool box. Get your Trend Multi-Scribe Pro here.

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