Whether you’re a trade professional or DIY hobbyist, we have compiled a handful of products that can be used to form a Trend woodworking kit apt for all.

Use it at home or on the jobsite to achieve excellent results.

Trend woodworking kit

T5 router

  • Soft-start feature eliminates sudden movement of machine on start up
  • Spindle lock & hex collet nut allows easy cutter changes
  • Precision machined one piece multi-slit collet with combined nut
  • Compact design & low weight make it easy to use especially for intricate work
  • Adjustable twin rod side-fence for guiding along a straight edge
  • New features include: increased power, soft grip handles, low profile dust spout and ergonomic spindle lock

This router is medium duty, making it ideal for a number of applications. As the main component of your Trend woodworking kit it is essential the router works well at shaping and trimming wood, which the T5 does.

Furthermore, its electronic full wave provides variable control of spindle speed under load for a fine finish on all types of material.

Trend scribe-master pro

  • Fully variable, cuts left and right hand scribes
  • Up to 195mm tall boards and maximum 32mm thickness
  • Minimum length of component is 300 mm
  • Scribes profiles into kitchen plinths
  • Scribes warped boards accurately
  • Can be used on out-of-plumb walls
  • Made from High Pressure Laminate for stability
  • Includes HSS 4mm spiral 1/4-inch shank router cutter and comb aligning tool

Once set up, the scribe-master pro is capable of cutting precise scribes in just 15 seconds, making it up to ten times faster than creating scribes manually.

Indeed, to ensure such quick, effective work all you need in combination with the jig is a medium or heavy duty plunge router, such as the aforementioned router, with a 30mm guide bush fitted.

Trend pocket hole jig

  • Adjustable height to allow material from 12.7mm to 38mm to be jointed
  • Solid hardened bushes with fixed pitch of 30mm
  • Use on timber, MDF, plywood and blockboard
  • Workpiece support and end stop
  • Allows a variety of joints to be created individually
  • Quick and easy drill bit depth setting turret
  • Dust extraction spout
  • Square drive self tapping screws for use with a No.2 square drive bit to resist slipping (cam out)

The Trend pocket hole jig is also ideal for joining two pieces of wood together at right angles. It does so efficiently when used with a drill driver and drill bits.

Trend stealth mask

  • Offers less breathing resistance
  • Less clogging pressure and inward leakage
  • Protects the user against airborne particles, oil aerosols, mist, welds and fumes
  • Twin HEPAC pleat encapsulated design filter provides 99.99% filtration of airborne particles and aerosols at 0.3 micron and above
  • Exhalation valve on bottom of face piece, ensuring no exhalation fumes steam or fog of any glasses/visors
  • Protective grill covers 100% of filter surface
  • Grill protects filter from moisture and particulates, ensuring it performs better in clogging pressure and filtration efficiency

Trend’s personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to protect its users from health and safety risks. Therefore it is a very useful addition to your Trend woodworking kit.

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In conclusion, the T5 router, pocket hole jig and scribe-master pro are a valuable set of tools for any kit.

Additionally, the stealth mask gives you the required protection.

Check out our Trend woodworking kit suggestions here. Alternatively, order the items before 17.30 for next working day delivery.