Wera Set Of 10 Screwdriver Bits and Rapidapaptor

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Wera are renowned for being one of the very best manufacturers of top quality screwdrivers and screwdriver bits. This set is no exception to the rule. More
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  • Wera Set of 10 Screwdriver bits with Bit Holder


    The top of each screwdriver bit in this 10 piece set has a diamond coating. As well as extending the life of the bit, it also grips into the recess of the screw, thus preventing ‘cam-out' and damage to the screw or the work piece. Each bit has a ‘Torsion' zone which means it flexes a little to help prevent the end chipping when a screw is accidentally over tightened. 

    Also included in this set is a ‘Rapidaptor' bit holder. This is a top quality, well engineered bit holder that securely locked the screwdriver bit in and prevents it from slipping out or being left in a recessed screw. 

    The set covers the most popular slotted, Phillips, and Pozidriv screwdriver bits, and incorporates 3 x PZ 2 bits as these are by far the most commonly used screwdriver bits as they cover so many screw sizes. 



    ·Slotted: 5.5 & 6.6mm wide 

    ·Phillips: PH1 & PH2 

    ·Pozidriv: PZ3 & 3 x PZ2 

    •Rapidaptor screwdriver bit holder

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