With the advancement in Lithium-ion battery technology cordless power tools have developed to provide exceptional performance. Lithium-ion battery ah seems to be constantly increasing with leading suppliers now offering 4.0ah and 5.0ah batteries as standard.

With the increased ah of the batteries the range of cordless power tools has increased dramatically with Bosch, Makita and Hitachi all now offering cordless planers as part of their platforms.

The increased cordless power tool ranges have given the user increased flexability to build bespoke power tool kits to suit their own applications. Our best advice is always to start with a twin pack then build up your kit by adding bare unit tools to meet the requirements of your trade.

Makita, Bosh, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Hitachi and Metabo all have comprehensive ranges of of cordless tools that can be purchased as bare units to build your bespoke power tool kits.