Now and again the construction industry welcomes a groundbreaking game-changer into the fold. This October, a new one arrives in the form of the innovative DeWalt 12Ah battery.

The company have made big moves before in the cordless department with DeWalt Flexvolt. However, giving you the ability to attach 12 amps to your cordless 18V and 54V XR and Flexvolt power tools takes it to a whole new level.

dewalt 12ah battery

As the above diagram demonstrates, the DeWalt 12Ah battery’s features perfectly complement the tools it is designed to work with. Moreover, this battery will power through high demand applications for longer.

DeWalt 12Ah battery highlights

  • Size and weight – Despite providing 3 amps more of power compared to the 9.0Ah, this upcoming battery retains the same dimensions in terms of size and weight. Consequently, despite its significant elevation in performance, you needn’t worry about increased stress or fatigue.
  • Increased runtime – One perk of an upgraded item is its added capabilities. The DeWalt 12Ah emits 216Wh; double that of their 6.0Ah battery which is already highly regarded. Furthermore, it shares the same ergonomic design as the 9.0Ah, including the very useful state of charge (SOC) indicator.
  • Compatibility with XR and Flexvolt – DeWalt’s XR and Flexvolt range is ever-growing. Therefore the fact it will soon have such a powerful battery to enhance results can only be positive news for those who use the aforementioned systems.

DeWalt Flexvolt battery comparison

dewalt battery hierarchy


DCB546 DCB547 DCB548
Voltage 18/54 18/54 18/54
Battery Capacity (Ah) 6/2 9/3 12/4
Wh 108 162 216
Cell Components 15 x 18mm cells 15 x 20mm cells 15 x 21mm cells

Enables High Power


Yes Yes Yes
Ship as non-Class 9 Yes Yes Yes

Dimensions L x W x H


125 x 85 x 90 138 x 87 x 97 138 x 87 x 97

DeWalt Flexvolt

The DeWalt 12Ah battery is cost-effective and time-efficient, just like the DeWalt Flexvolt range. Read any product descriptions of DeWalt XR Flexvolt power tools on our site and there’s a good chance efficiency is mentioned.

Additionally, the ability to switch battery units between 18 volts and 54 volts depending on what is required for a specific tool to boost performance is a big plus.

It’s why DeWalt Flexvolt is so popular with our customers and we anticipate that this battery will be in high demand upon release in October (it will be available online and in-store at Anglia Tool Centre, stay posted!).

dewalt 12.0ah

Power up

In conclusion, we can’t wait for even more power to add to DeWalt’s growing cordless product range. In the meantime, shop our range of DeWalt XR Lithium-ion batteries.