Introducing the new ISC240 Festool insulation saw. Want quick, clean and mobile cuts when cutting insulating materials? Then look no further than this innovative new saw by Festool.

The Festool insulation saw is a revolutionary power tool. Below we pick out some of the jobs it is built to precisely cut.

insulation saw

Insulating materials primed for cutting

  • Insulating external and internal walls of timber frame constructions
  • Between and under rafter insulation on the roof with mineral wool and natural fibre insulating materials
  • Insulating the highest floors of buildings (attics)
  • Flat roof insulation with polyurethane (PUR) and stone wool
  • Over-rafter insulation with PUR
  • Façade insulation with stone and glass wool

As material thickness increases it is therefore crucial that saws are strong enough to cut them. This is most certainly the case with the Festool insulating saws, designed to do just that.

“With our new cordless insulating-material saw, we have created a completely new system for processing insulating materials which has never existed in this form before.” – Boris Seyfried (Festool Product Manager)

Besides not being suited to cut insulating materials, other saws tend to be heavier than the Festool insulation saw. Indeed, Festool’s new creation is ergonomic and lightweight; perfect for one-handed operation and transportation.


Arguably the trump card of the saw is its versatility. Its serrated cutting set is perfect for flexible insulating materials such as mineral wool and natural fibres.

The Festool insulation saw uses the cross-set cutting set and the adapter table to cut polyurethane and polystyrene insulating boards and pressure-resistant mineral wool.

Additionally, the saws are available in two lengths- with a cutting depth of 240 and 350 mm. Other impressive features include the following.

Festool saw

Festool insulation saw features

  • The special serrated blade geometry’s efficiency is such that minimal dust is produced when cutting materials
  • Mobile, fast and saves effort without a cable
  • For cutting material efficiently: With the guide rail and angle stop, reproducible angled cuts can be made with precise dimensions
  • Replacement of the cutting sets without the need to use tools for efficient work adapted to the material

Give it a go

In conclusion, with the new ISC 240 insulating-material saw, Festool has created the perfect addition. Enabling the processing of flexible mineral and natural fibre insulating materials up to a cutting depth of 350 mm – as a mobile cordless solution – is a gamechanger.

Give the Festool insulation saw a try for yourself. Visit one of our showrooms or trade event for a live demonstration. Alternatively, click here and order by 17.30 for next working day delivery.