Mirka recently expanded their successful range of electric Mirka sanders. The orbital Delta 663cv DEOS and random orbital 350cv DEROS sanders both boast powerful brushless motors and are designed to cover a variety of applications.

We look at this exciting pair of Mirka sanders and see what they have to offer.

Mirka sanders – efficient and comfortable

Our new Mirka sanders both come as part of a kit with abrasive disc packs included. Built on existing technology, they have been made with specific applications in mind, such as smoothing out joints and applying a fine finish to numerous materials.

Furthermore, improving efficiency and comfort were key factors in the design of these sanders. This is possible thanks to the compact but powerful brushless motors and efficient stock removal, with 3 mm orbit for the Mirka DEOS delta sander and 5 mm orbit for the Mirka DEROS 350.

Mirka delta sander

663cv DEOS

  • Easy-to-use
  • Great ergonomics
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Very compact and low profile, only 10 cm high
  • 3 mm orbit for efficient stock removal
  • It’s easier to sand with it, especially when working on vertical areas

This sander’s large orbital movement means you can working faster while also being more effective. In addition to that, vibration levels remain low for comfort. It is ideal for navigating corners and tight spots due to its low profile. Indeed, it gets you 30% closer to the surface at any angle, giving you unmatched control.

Mirka DEROS sander

350cv DEROS

  • Easy to move around, no external power supply is needed
  • You can easily use it with two hands, thanks to the design of the tool’s body; perfect for heavy sanding applications, e.g. thick paint stripping
  • The low design gives you good control over the sanding process since your hand is close to the surface
  • The backing pad combined with Mirka’s dust-free solutions makes it easier to sand without dangerous dust and to avoid extra cleaning due to the dust during the paint process
  • Low weight and the ergonomic features make the job easier, especially when sanding larger surfaces
  • Highly effective sanding result, but still a smooth finish

The Mirka DEROS is the lightest and most compact professional random orbital sander on the market. Low maintenance, long lifespan and speed are all guaranteed with this impressive sander. While it’s small in size with its 77mm pad it is equally big in performance.

Bluetooth and dust-free sanding

Other features shared by the Mirka sanders include their Bluetooth functionality. They have integrated vibration sensors and Bluetooth low energy technology, so you can get vibration, speed and usage data via the myMirka app.

Additionally, Mirka is a pioneer in dust-free sanding solutions. When sanding without dust you get:

  •  Health benefits: stop dangerous dust getting into your lungs
  •  Cost saving: use less abrasives, since Abranet lasts longer
  •  Money saving: spend less time cleaning, and move on to the next job instead
  •  Faster sanding: clean abrasives cut better

Mirka sanding

Check them out

To conclude, our Mirka sanders complement each other perfectly. The DEOS is ideal for sanding corners and edges, while the DEROS excels at dealing with small repairs. Ultimately, they have you covered for a whole host of applications.

So why the wait? Check them out at one of our showrooms. Alternatively, order before 17.30 for next working day delivery.