MILWAUKEE M12B3 12V 3.0ah Red Lithium-ion BATTERY

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Milwaukee M12 12v 3.0ah Red Lithium-ion Battery designed for use with all 12v Milwaukee power tools More
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    Red Lithium-ion Batteries

    Milwaukee's revolutionary new Red Lithium-Ion chemistry within the cell has less electrical resistance than other chemistries, allowing significantly improved transfer of power. This means less voltage drop during application - so faster speeds and higher torque under load. This chemistry in turn delivers improved performance of up to 40% more run time, 20% more speed and torque, and fade free power. It also can operate down to 0°F/-18°C, runs 20% cooler at all times, can take up to 50% more recharges and has no memory effect



    The Milwaukee C12 BX 12 Volt 3.0 Ah M12 Li-ion Battery is a compact and ultra light design that doesn't compromise on power. The C12 BX is packed full of advanced features to give you more runtime and power - enabling you to work longer on one charge.

    The C12 BX battery will provide constant fade free power throughout the discharge cycle and will function even in extreme weather conditions: -20 degrees to +75 degrees centigrade.

    Cutting edge electronics eliminate memory effect - the battery can be charged at any time without reducing the charging capacity. There's also an on board battery fuel gauge that accurately depicts remaining charge level.

    • Compact and ultra light
    • Constant fade free power throughout the discharge cycle
    • On board battery fuel gauge
    • More runtime and power
    • Functions between -20°C to +75°C
    • No memory effect
    • Minimal self discharge


  • 20-Jul-2016
    Rating: 4


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