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  • Milwaukee M18TLED-0 M18 18V Body Only LED Torch

    Red Lithium-ion Batteries 

    Milwaukee's revolutionary new Red Lithium-Ion chemistry within the cell has less electrical resistance than other chemistries, allowing significantly improved transfer of power. This means less voltage drop during application - so faster speeds and higher torque under load. This chemistry in turn delivers improved performance of up to 40% more run time, 20% more speed and torque, and fade free power. It also can operate down to 0°F/-18°C, runs 20% cooler at all times, can take up to 50% more recharges and has no memory effect.


    The Milwaukee M18TLED-0 M18 led torch body only is supplied as the torch only with no batteries, this torch can run off all the M18 Milwaukee batteries. It has 160 lumen Led light. This torch has a 135 degree rotating head. Sealed aluminum head, impact and weather resistant. It has a M18 led electronics which give 2 x longer run time with less heat.


    - Supplied as the torch only, no batteries included.

    - 160 lumen Led light.

    - 135 degree rotating head.

    - M18 led electronics.

    - Sealed aluminum head, impact and weather resistant.

    - Works off all the M18 Milwaukee batteries.

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